About me


What is the purpose of the information wizard?

‘it is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.’

– Oscar Wilde

The internet isn’t such a credible place when it comes to giving valuable information. Most of the information you look for hardly offers any depth; is either far-fetched or recycled.

This often leads to result  feeling duped, because of spending a significant amount of time searching and perusing through countless sites hoping to find that vital value you were looking for in the first place.

The internet hardly contains value as compared to books.

 The sole purpose for creating this site is to change that. And pave a way for a new wave of valuable information on the internet.

Which audience is this blog intended for?

All information belongs to everybody all the time. It should be available. It should be accessible to the child, to the woman, to the man, to the old person, to the semi illiterate, to everyone. It should be open’ 

– Maya Angelou.

People interested in health & lifestyle. and general information which can improve your livelihood, are going to benefit the most from this site. Information isn’t limited to certain people with particular interests. It’s for everyone. Anyone can learn something new, because we are all learners in this life.