How Fiverr’s E-Commerce Industry Store Can Help With Your Business

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce (electronic commerce) involves carrying out transactions through the internet. When people and companies are buying or selling products and services online, they are engaging in e-commerce.

E-commerce is an ever-thriving industry. According to retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars in 2019, and revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. If there was ever a moment to jump into this space, the moment is right now because companies like Fiverr have made it easier.

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If you have a healthcare business, this is a double threat because the global wellness industry is worth $3.7 trillion. This is because the online healthcare scene has been growing exponentially throughout the years due to the increasing usage of mobile apps and the internet.

Data from Statista in the Health and Wellness Industry

With amazing innovations like telemedicine – which involves the practice of caring for patients remotely without the patient or provider being physically present; and selling medical products like vitamins and supplements, these are some of the innovations that are revolutionizing digital health.

Healthcare is proceeding to be the next big thing in the online retailing sector because the increase in demand for quality healthcare products is increasing the production of healthcare supplies in general.

Do you have a physical store that offers great quality products that help the masses but haven’t gained the exposure you need? Consider launching an e-commerce site.

In Singapore, a company called golden-concepts that deals with the elderly launched an e-commerce platform that allowed their medical products to be accessible for patients everywhere. In the caregiving sector, it is tedious to constantly purchase medical supplies, because sometimes it involves going from one store to another looking for a variety of products like diapers that are used regularly, body wipes, etc. This can be very time consuming and frustrating for the caregiver.

Having an e-commerce website doesn’t only benefit your brand and business but benefits the consumer by providing them with such convenience.

Below are other benefits that you can offer your customers:

  • Low prices and discounts: it is not a secret that online stores are more transparent with their prices than physical stores as customers can compare the prices against other sellers. As a retailer, you can charge low rates because the cost of managing an online shop has a low fixed cost than traditional retailers and online stores regularly give offers and special deals.
  • Variety of products: with a wide range of products you are selling, you will prevent the frustration your customer gets from looking for different products from various medical.
  • Great Quality: you have a chance to offer consumers unique products that have been made with care while serving a purpose.

Learning how to start an e-commerce business is not easy but there are basic things you need to have on your checklist. What are they?

  1. A website – there are many ways to sell online without having a dedicated business website but if you want to venture into e-commerce and have success, you need to invest in one right away.
  1. Website content – after creating a website you will need to create content that explains what you are selling, your goals, your vision of the brand, and who you are.
  1. High-resolution images – images matter in e-commerce because no one is going to purchase what you are selling if it isn’t clear. This because high-resolution images make an impression.
  1. Comprehensive product descriptions – along with great pictures, consumers want to read what your product can do for them and how it will benefit their lives in the long-run. Detailed descriptions can convert a browser into a buyer.
  1. SEO – if your website content is not optimized for SEO, the high-quality images and product descriptions won’t do you any good, because SEO makes sure your products have a high rank on Google for potential buyers to find them easily.
  1. Research – you need to do your market research so that you can target not only people who reside in your town or city but possibly break geographical borders.
  1. Social media platforms – social media is the best platform you can use to reach people to buy your products online. By posting information about your products, testimonials, and updates, you will be able to connect with your new audience

How Fiverr Can Help?

There are some technicalities that surround starting an e-commerce business like which platforms to use to launch your store, trademarking, business permits, and applying the basic principles I mentioned above. This can be quite overwhelming but Fiverr has a solution that can help you move a step ahead. All this can be quite overwhelming and maybe you just don’t have time to implement all of the above.

What if the only work you had to do was just to obtain the business permits and trademarking but have the rest done for you?

Fiverr launched its e-commerce industry over a year ago that can make the transition into e-commerce easier for business owners like you who want to break geographical limits. Some highly skilled freelancers are equipped in building, growing, and perfecting your e-commerce stores.

According to Yan Chelly, the head of categories for Fiverr said that the e-commerce industry store can help the number of businesses that are selling products and services online

I previously mentioned how having great pictures, SEO, etc. is crucial for an e-commerce store, there is availability for such tools that range from product research, social media experts, and photography to mention a few.

Fiverr e-commerce services

And if your small business already has an e-commerce store that uses platforms such as Shopify, magneto, and other platforms, you have access to SEO tools, web development, design and even drop shipping through the Fiverr e-commerce industry store.

Fiver e-commerce business

The Fiverr e-commerce industry store also offers a dedicated e-commerce marketing hub that can help established or aspiring e-commerce businesses with whatever digital marketing needs they may require. One of the perks of this service is it can help you look out for crucial details that you may have missed whether you started your business or planning to start one.

Another perk of the digital marketing hub is getting professional written content that will help your website rank and stay ahead of the competition. When your content is too short and has misplaced keywords, this can bring about problems in your business with search engines like Google. This doesn’t not only apply to blogs but websites too. The website needs to have seamless navigation that will give users a great user experience and eventually boost sales.

Fiverr e-commerce services

There is so much to explore! To see what Fiverr has to offer regarding its e-commerce store, please click here

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