10 best sunscreen for kids to protect their sensitive skin

If you’re planning on jetting off on a sunny holiday with the kids or are just preparing for a fun-filled summer, you’re probably thinking ahead to stocking up on the

essentials – including sun protection. When choosing a sun cream for babies and children, there’s a few variables to consider such as UV star rating and SPF (sun protection

factor). These elements will tell you the strength of the formula and how much defense they offer against long-wave UVA and short-wave UVB rays. It’s a good idea to get clued up

on the basic details such as why a sun cream’s UV rating is so important, so we’ve created an in-depth guide here. In terms of the basics, the NHS recommends that babies

under six months should be kept out of direct strong sunlight completely, and all babies and children should wear an SPF of at least 30 – preferably 50 – from March to October in

the UK. It’s important to also be aware that UV radiation is present all year round, so children’s skin can still burn even when it’s cloudy. “Children’s delicate skin is

more vulnerable to the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation compared to adults and so it is particularly important to keep children protected when out in the sun,” Dr

Hiva Fassihi from OneWelbeck Skin Health & Allergy explains. Dr Fassihi also advises protecting your children’s skin with additional measures: “Parents should not rely

on sunscreen alone for their children. Sunscreens should be used in conjunction with sensible sun-exposure behaviour and appropriate use of UV protective hats and clothing

(UPF50), especially when on sunny holidays abroad.”