5 questions to ask before buying your first electric car

Today's electric car buyers have a lot of questions. They want to know about charging, batteries, and how an EV fits their lifestyle. Dealers should be able to answer these

questions about EVs. The next wave of electric car buyers have a lot of questions about these vehicles that they should be able to ask their dealer. EVs made up about 6%

of auto sales in the US in 2022, indicating there's still a long way to go to educating and convincing prospective car-buyers to go electric. That means that the automakers

pouring billions of dollars into developing and launching these cars are banking on the fact that their customers will get their questions answered and concerns assuaged enough to

pay a pretty penny for one.  Potential EV drivers have plenty of questions, and there's plenty you need to know before buying an electric car. GM VP of EV Ecosystems Hoss

Hassani told Insider in November that consumers ask its "EV Live" call center representatives about home and public charging, battery longevity, serviceability, and warranty — and

even whether they can run an EV through a car wash. Of course, not every EV is sold by an automaker that relies on dealers. Tesla and the EV startups hoping to emulate its

success operate direct-to-consumer models instead. Regardless, here are some tips on what to ask your dealer or sales advisor if you're considering buying an EV.Will the range

an EV gets me fit into my lifestyle? There's something to be said about not conflating an EV itself with the experience of driving one or plugging it in, but one negative

experience or misunderstanding could be a turn-off and a lost sale.