7 takeaways as Celtics find way to beat Warriors in NBA Finals rematch

The Celtics needed a huge rally and some huge shots down the stretch, but they defeated the Warriors 121-118 in overtime on Thursday at TD Garden in a rematch of the 2022 NBA

Finals. Here are the takeaways. 1. Several Celtics denied that Thursday meant more than any other regular-season game. Joe Mazzulla even seemed a little

indignant on Jayson Tatum’s behalf when a reporter had the temerity to suggest that beating Andrew Wiggins might mean something to Tatum, given how well Wiggins defended the

Celtics’ star in the Finals. “Every game is important for him, the way he’s approached his craft, his season,” Mazzulla said. “And so to say that, that kind of

diminishes his mindset and his work ethic.” Tatum was careful to downplay the matchup too. “I think the first time we played them in San Francisco, I felt

like we bought into that rematch of the Finals, ABC game, first time back since we lost,” Tatum said. “Everybody wanted to win so bad, and I think that was the first time all

season that we played out of character, that we played tense. And we just kind of talked about it today. Like, the fact of the matter is we lost. We lost the championship. No one

win can bring that back. We can’t go back and change that. “So we didn’t look at this as a rematch of the Finals. It’s just one game against a great team with great

players and obviously a great coach. But it was just one game.”