A community mourns, as death toll rises

The death toll in the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, has risen. An former FBI official has been charged in connection with efforts to help a Russian oligarch. And

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List is a snappy USA TODAY news roundup. Subscribe to the newsletter here. Death toll in in Monterey Park shooting rises to 11 The death toll in the

mass shooting in the predominantly Asian American city of Monterey Park, California, rose to 11 on Monday. The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services said Monday that

one of the four people from the Monterey Park shooting being treated at the LA County-USC Medical Center has died of gunshot wounds. The department's news release said one of the

wounded patients was in serious condition and the two others were recovering. Authorities said the initial death count from Saturday night's attack at a dance studio was 10, with

at least another 10 injured. See the latest in the wake of the shooting.