‘Absolute nonsense’: Boris Johnson breaks silence over BBC chairman’s role in loan row

Boris Johnson has claimed BBC chairman Richard Sharp has no knowledge of his personal finances amid reports he helped the former prime minister secure a loan. Mr Sharp,

who was appointed as BBC chairman while Mr Johnson was prime minister, was reportedly involved in arranging a guarantor on a loan of up to £800,000 for Mr Johnson in late

2020. Speaking to Sky News on Monday morning, Mr Johnson said: “This is a load of complete nonsense – absolute nonsense. “Let me just tell you, Richard Sharp is a good

and wise man but he knows absolutely nothing about my personal finances – I can tell you that for 100 per cent ding dang sure. “This is just another example of the BBC

disappearing up its own fundament.” The former prime minister’s comments come as BBC chairman Richard Sharp announced he requested a scrutiny panel to examine potential

conflicts of interest over his role in helping Boris Johnson secure a loan. In a statement reported by the BBC, Mr Sharp acknowledged “distractions such as this are not

welcome” and said he had asked the nominations committee of the BBC board to look at the matter. “We have many challenges at the BBC and I know that distractions such as

this are not welcome,” he said. “Our work at the BBC is rooted in trust. Although the appointment of the BBC chairman is solely a matter for the Government ... I want to

ensure that all the appropriate guidelines have been followed within the BBC since I have joined. “The nominations committee of the BBC board has responsibility for

regularly reviewing board members' conflicts of interest.”