Australia news live: average Medicare gap fee for GP visit now more than rebate itself, health minister says

LIVE – Updated at 05:38 Follow live.   05:38 Weather warning for northern NSW The state emergency service is urging people in

northern New South Wales to prepare for damaging winds with large hailstones.   05:32 Veterans’ brain bank launched to improve care A new veteran

brain bank will help uncover the impact of traumatic head injuries on defence force service personnel, AAP reports. The research initiative is the first of its kind in

Australia and will be based at Concord hospital in Sydney’s inner west, after it was launched on Monday. Veterans are encouraged to donate their brains for study, in the

hope of diagnosing past issues and improving care for current service personnel. The NSW health minister, Brad Hazzard, said the initiative would lead to better health

outcomes for service men and women by increasing understanding of the impacts of repetitive head injuries. The establishment of the Australian Veterans’ Brain Bank is

a significant step forward in advancing the understanding of the long-term effects of head trauma among veterans. Civil rights group calls for Ye visa ban 05:29

A leading civil rights organisation has called on the Australian government to stop American rapper Ye travelling to the country, arguing he would put the Jewish community at

“significant risk”, AAP reports. The Anti-Defamation Commission is lobbying for the immigration minister, Andrew Giles, to block entry for the rapper, formerly known as

Kanye West, deriding him as a “hatemonger”.