Australia news live: Noel Pearson cautions opposition over ‘spoiling game’ on voice; warning over ‘insidious’ new ATO scam

LIVE – Updated at 21:29 Follow live.   21:29 Chance for reconciliation could be lost ‘forever’ if voice referendum fails, Pearson

says Pearson goes on to say that reconciliation itself is at stake with the Indigenous voice to parliament referendum, in what will be “the most important year” in the

issue since the first fleet arrived. This this year is the most important here in the past 235. That’s my assertion. This is the most important year and and this

referendum is the most important question concerning Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians since the first fleet. We’ve got to understand what is at stake, and that is

the chance for reconciliation and if the referendum is kiboshed through game play and spoiling game by the opposition, we will lose the opportunity forever. The question

that will be put is, do we recognise indigenous people in the Constitution? And if we say no to that, then I can’t say how it is, how the future will be anything other than

protest. Indigenous presence in this country will forever be associated with protest rather than a proper response by the Australian people to this call for recognition and and

the achievement of reconciliation.   21:27 ‘The government is in danger of losing me’ on Indigenous voice, says Julian Leeser Leeser has spoken

to ABC Radio’s Patricia Karvelas following threatening to withdraw his support for the Indigenous voice to parliament over the weekend. The government is in danger

of losing me because I just don’t think that they’re listening, and, and I’m really trying to get them to listen to the reasonable concerns that people are raising.