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LIVE – Updated at 20:13 Follow the day’s news.   20:13 Outspoken critic to front robodebt royal commission A key player in

scrapping the unlawful robodebt scheme is preparing to give evidence at a royal commission. Terry Carney worked at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which appeals

decisions made under Commonwealth law, for almost 40 years. Long before the former coalition government dismantled the program, he knew something was wrong.

Carney repeatedly found debts calculated under the scheme lacked enough evidence and could not be legally enforced. In 2017 he found against the program five times.

Months later, his contract with the tribunal was not renewed. Robodebt used a controversial data-matching technique to calculate debts on welfare recipients, comparing

the income they declared to Centrelink with tax office records. Carney ruled it was not the responsibility of welfare recipients to provide pay-slip data or risk being

hit with a debt, adding that using an income average to calculate debts was illegal. He found the practice of averaging income lacked “sufficient strength of evidence”

and “simple mathematics”. The commission will also hear from Barbara Martin, a pseudonym given to a Services Australia employee. She will give evidence about how

her organisation handled robodebt complaints. Former department director Anthony Barford will also appear. Former ministers Christian Porter and Alan Tudge are due to

give evidence next week.