Australia news live: Plibersek says voice ‘not a veto’; judge orders suppression of police interview in campers murder hearing

LIVE – Updated at 22 Jan 2023 23:59 Follow live. Indigenous voice to parliament is 'not a veto' – Tanya Plibersek 22 Jan 2023 23:59

The environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, has cautioned Australians not to confuse the status of the proposed Indigenous voice to parliament. She told the Seven

Network this morning: This is a voice, not a veto. It is a really important vote. It will be a chance for Australians to talk about the sort of nation we

want to be in the future, to send a message to the world and get more practical delivery of healthcare and education and so on for First Nations Australians. I think the

most important detail here, is this is a voice, not a veto. Plibersek said the conversation about the proposal was well under way and a picture of what it might

look like was gathering detail. The … working group are already talking about what the voice would look like. It would be transparent, accountable, elected by

local Aboriginal people. It would be gender balanced, it would have a youth voice. We are months away from a vote and there will be more detail between now and

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