Australian State Could Introduce Special License for High-Powered Cars

Those thinking about getting behind the wheel of a high-performance car in the state of South Australia might soon need a special license to do so. According to ABC

News, the government of South Australia is considering options to dramatically reform road safety in the aftermath of a controversial decision in a prominent court case. In

2019, a 15-year-old girl on a sidewalk in Adelaide was struck and killed by an out-of-control Lamborghini that jumped the curb. Alexander Campbell, the driver of the white 2016

Lamborghini Huracán, pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated driving without due care but was acquitted last week of death by dangerous driving. The presiding judge said it

couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Campbell deliberately accelerated in a dangerous manner. Public discontent and criticism of the law’s inability to deal

with this incident and others have reached a breaking point in the wake of the decision. South Australia Premier, Peter Malinauskas, intended to introduce a slate of road safety

reforms to the state’s parliament by the end of the year. Referring to the acquittal, Malinauskas said that “in most South Australians’ minds, justice hasn’t been done

here.” Of the potential reforms being discussed, the creation of a special license for high-powered vehicles is the most prominent proposal. This license would have stricter

requirements than the standard license. Many Australian states already prohibit drivers with a provisional license from driving high-powered vehicles. High-powered cars are

usually classified by exceeding a specific power-to-weight ratio, having turbocharged engines or engines with eight or more cylinders.