Bholaa teaser: Ajay Devgn wields the mighty trishul, cop Tabu reports for duty, Deepak Dobriyal is unrecognisable

A new, much longer teaser for Bholaa was shared on social media by lead star and director Ajay Devgn on Tuesday. Co-starring Tabu and an unrecognisable Deepak Dobriyal, the

film is about a Lord Shiva-devotee's love for his daughter and the villains he fights for her. (Also read: Bholaa teaser: Ajay Devgn is in his deadliest avatar yet in this Kaithi

remake. Watch) The teaser offers glimpses of high octane stunts on bikes, trucks, boats and other modes of travel. Ajay wields a mighty trishul and attacks his enemies with

slick and deadly moves. We met his daughter in the first teaser and saw that he was in a jail. This time, however, he is out and brings some gory mayhem along as well. The

teaser also shows Tabu as a cop, with her arm fractured, being dragged across a dirt road by some thugs. She also aims her gun at the target before being washed in a sea of red.

“Log ye kyu bhool jaate hai… is wardi ke peeche bhi ek insaan hai (Why do people forget that I am a human behind this uniform),” she says in a line from the film, heard in the

background. Also in the background, plays a mellow rendition of Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai from the 1965 film Guide. Deepak Dobriyal looks nothing like you've ever seen

him before. With long hair, kohl-rimmed eyes, all-black robes, he will remind you of early 2010's hot vampires straight out of Twilight or Vampire Diaries.