Biden and Trump’s Families Both Cashed In on the Presidency

Joe Biden and Donald Trump aren’t two peas in a pod—but Biden’s failure to secure classified documents is another reminder that he and Trump have more in common than just their

advanced ages. And the similarities don’t end there. We have long known about Trump’s nepotistic and (quite likely) illegal family dynamic. But as House Republicans prepare

to ramp up investigations of Biden, mainstream media news items are shedding new light on how the “Biden crime family” keep cashing in on the family name. According to a new

CNN report, “A year after Biden was elected… his youngest brother, Frank Biden, boasted in a speech to medical professionals gathered in Boston of the ‘bully pulpit’ he was

afforded due to ‘my brother Joey,’ and vowed to help attendees ‘get federal dollars.’” CNN reports that in the summer of 2021, Frank spoke to a health technology company

called BioSig Technologies where he boasted about “the bully pulpit that I have as a result of the privilege of being associated with my brother Joey.” He also vowed to “do

everything in my power…to get federal dollars to your research.” Additionally, the president’s brother gave a speech for BioSig in Italy, and then gave conflicting reports

about who paid for the trip. If you want to fully appreciate how sketchy this situation is, Frank Biden told CNN that “he had consulted for BioSig for about a year.” But,

according to the report, “He then reversed himself, saying he had never worked as a consultant for the company. He later clarified in a text message that he had provided BioSig

informal sales assistance. As for his Italian travel, Frank Biden said in another text message, ‘someone’ paid for it, though he did not say who.”