Bommai: Not wise to criticise religious beliefs under garb of freedom of speech

MYSURU: Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai blamed S unday outside forces for creating confusion over Hindu religious beliefs, customs, traditions and the way of life practised from

time imm emorial. “The Constitution has guaranteed equal rights and opportunities to all people as well as freedom of right to speech and expression. But it is not wise to hurt r

eligious sentiments of people by issuing statements over such practices of customs and traditions under the garb of free speech and expression,” he said at a Suttur festival near

M ysuru. Bommai lamented that leaders nowadays are dividing people on caste and religious lines. He said teachings of social reformer Basavanna are relevant to society and asked

people to shun casteism and to walk the righteous path to build a progressive, prosperous society. Taking objection to Congress’s Siddaramaiah and BK Hariprasad for using

derogatory language against him, he said: “Using such language is not our culture that has a history over 5,000 years. ”BJP general secretary (organisation) BL Santosh lauded the

role of religious institutions in spr eading knowledge, spirituality, and making culture alive by holding jathra celebrations.