Box Office Milestone: ‘Avatar 2’ Sails Past $2B Globally

Sail on. Avatar: The Way of Water has crossed the $2 billion mark at the global box office in a huge win for director James Cameron, who is the only

filmmaker to have directed three films achieving the milestone.More from The Hollywood ReporterSound Guilds Offer Clues to Oscar NomsRegal Closing Once-Busy Union Square Movie

Theater in NYC as Bankruptcy ProceedsImax to Expand in Japan With Seven New Locations Disney announced Sunday that the big-budget sequel will finish the weekend with a

global total of $2.024 billion, the top gross of the pandemic era. It has earned $598 million domestically and $1.426 billion overseas, including a hefty $230 million in

China. The Way of Water is only the sixth film to clear the $2 billion threshold, not adjusted for inflation. The first Avatar, released 13 years ago,

remains the top-grossing film of all time with $2.9 billion in global ticket sales, including rereleases. Cameron’s Titanic is also part of the club at $2.19 billion.

When promoting The Way of Water, Cameron indicated it would ultimately need to earn in the $2 billion range to be considered a smash success. The sequel cost Disney and 20th

Century north of $400 million to produce before marketing. Cameron’s film has been a bright spot for the box office since its release in mid-December and has remained

at the top of the chart. In terms of other top global earners, Avengers: Endgame ranks No. 2 behind the first Avatar, earning $2.79 billion. More to