ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor

New research conducted by a professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that the AI-driven chatbot GPT-3 was able to pass the final exam for the school's

Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Prof. Christian Terwiesch, who authored the research paper "Would Chat GPT3 Get a Wharton MBA? A Prediction Based on Its

Performance in the Operations Management Course", said that the bot scored between a B- and B on the exam. The bot's score shows its "remarkable ability to automate some of the

skills of highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and

consultants." The bot did an "amazing job at basic operations management and process analysis questions including those that are based on case studies," Terwiesch wrote in

the paper, which was published on Jan. 17, adding that the bot's "explanations are excellent." The bot is also "remarkably good at modifying its answers in response to human

hints," he concluded. Terwiesch’s findings come as educators become increasingly concerned that such chat bots could inspire cheating. Although chatbots are not a new

technology, ChatGPT exploded on social media in late 2022. Earlier this month, New York City’s Department of Education announced a ban on ChatGPT from its schools’ devices and

networks. Much of the debate is centered around ChatGPT’s conversational speaking style and coherent, topical response style, which makes it difficult to distinguish from

human responses.