Christina Hall Is Shocked by Trash-Filled Home as She Takes on First Tennessee Flip: 'One of the Worst'

When it comes to flipping homes, Christina Hall loves a challenge. In the latest episode of Christina in the Country, the home renovation expert, 39,

scopes out a potential fixer-upper with her husband Josh — and it's definitely one of the rougher flips she's seen in her career.  "Oh my god," Christina says as she

arrives at the abandoned home with Josh. As shots of a trash-filled living room and kitchen pan across the screen, Christina asks: "What happened here?"  The realtor of the

property, who also happens to be a client of Christina, explains that the previous owner died over a year ago and someone "squatted and ransacked the house" until it was

completely destroyed. "I probably walked through over 200 houses and this is one of the worst. This is horrible," Christina says, before adding with a smile, "I love

it." RELATED: WATCH: Christina Hall Says She Wants an Alpaca After Visiting Farm with Family After getting a full tour of the fixer upper, Christina reveals how

she's been waiting to take on a challenging flip since putting roots down in Tennessee.  "We've been talking about a project like this the whole time that we've been here

and just waiting for the perfect one," she explains. "This house is definitely bad, but I've done a lot of flips before and one thing it does have is potential." Later in

the episode — which aired on Thursday, Jan. 19 — the designer confirmed she will be taking on the flip with Josh, but construction can't begin for another six to 12 months. "And

she's not patient," Josh jokes.