CIA chief told Zelenskyy in secret meeting that vital aid fueling Ukraine's fight could become harder to obtain: report

CIA Director William Burns told Zelenskyy that further US aid to Ukraine could be hard to obtain. The two met in secret in Kyiv earlier this month to discuss the war, The

Washington Post reported.  Their meeting comes as Russia launches an aggressive assault in the east of Ukraine.  During a secret meeting in Kyiv with CIA Director William Burns

earlier this month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was especially focused on the prospect of future US assistance in the ongoing war effort and whether or not Republican

lawmakers in the House will continue to provide spending, according to The Washington Post.  Anonymous sources told the outlet that Burns traveled to the Ukrainian capital

at the end of last week to meet with Zelenskyy and discuss the agency's forecast of Russia's imminent military plans. The visit comes nearly one year after Russia launched an

unprovoked war in Ukraine in February 2022. Burns' trip coincides with mounting casualties on both sides as a Russian assault in the east has forced Ukraine to respond while

it simultaneously tried to conserve weapons and bodies for a future counteroffensive.  During the Kyiv meeting last week, Zelenskyy and his senior intelligence officials

were most concerned about ongoing US aid, sources told The Post, asking Burns how long Ukraine could expect the assistance to continue in the aftermath of Republicans taking

control of the House and diminishing support for the war among the US electorate. Burns reportedly responded by acknowledging that additional aid will likely become harder

to obtain in the future, according to the newspaper, while still emphasizing the weight of the current fight on the battlefield.