Cold snap with temperatures as low as -9°C to last until end of the week

Parts of southern England will see temperatures hovering just above -10°C right up until Sunday. Many of these areas will have woken up to freezing fog this

morning, with some set to become eligible for cold weather payments. These are made to vulnerable people, including pensioners, to help them pay for heating

when the temperature dips below freezing. It goes to those living in an area where the average temperature is recorded as, or forecast to be, 0°C or below over seven

consecutive days. Santon Downham, in Suffolk, plunged to -9.5°C on Sunday night, meaning many in the village will may well be among those in England and Wales eligible

for the payment by the end of the week. Parts of north-east England, Cumbria, west Wales and Oxfordshire have already seen these freezing temperatures for long enough

to expect to see the money soon. London is currently between 4°C and 5°C, dropping to 3°C tonight, with temperatures set to stay around these numbers until they start

rising to about 7°C over the weekend. Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has 34 flood warnings in place across England, urging action to prevent it.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: ‘Across the south of England and Wales we’re still under the colder conditions, so there could be some fog again which will be quite

slow to clear. ‘When there is cloud it’s going to feel pretty cold, but in the sunshine, although it will be cold, the sun will help negate the cold a little bit.’

Conversely, Northern Ireland, Scotland and far north-west areas of England are looking at fairly mild weather – albeit ‘rather cloudy and damp’.