Davos day three live: Greta Thunberg says it is ‘absurd’ to be listening to those ‘responsible for causing climate crisis’

LIVE – Updated at 11:52 Rolling coverage of the World Economic Forum in Davos, where Greta Thunberg has spoken at a debate outside the centre.  

11:52 In the Q&A session in the climate debate, Greta Thunberg is asked whether she thinks developing countries should be allowed to use fossil fuels.

Thunberg replies that the term is misleading – they’re not underdeveloped, she says, they’re overexploited. She explains that the climate crisis boils down to justice

and is a cumulative crisis, because the emissions causing climate change remain in the atmosphere for so long, Thunberg said: So who am I to say that I’ve had

these privileges but now, others that haven’t been able to do so shouldn’t because we are facing a crisis. The roots of the crisis is the mindset that some people are

worse than others, Thunberg says. We seem to be sacrificing people for this, she warns, and that give the Western world an even bigger responsibility, as equity must be at the

heart of climate action.   11:37 Activists draw up cease and desist notice for fossil fuel CEOs 11:10 The four activists here in Davos have drawn

up a Cease And Desist notice to fossil fuel CEOs. It demands that they immediately stop opening any new oil, gas or coal extraction. sites The notice says that

that Big Oil: knew for decades that fossil fuels cause catastrophic climate change misled the public about the basic climate science and risks

deceived politicians with disinformation, sowing doubt and causing delay.