Donald Trump Accuses His Special Counsel of 'Bullying Everyone in Sight'

Donald Trump has continued to attack the special counsel appointed to oversee the investigation into the classified documents found at the former president's Mar-a-Lago

resort. In his latest swipe at Jack Smith, Trump accused the prosecutor brought in by Attorney General Merrick Garland of "bullying everyone in sight" amid reports that

special counsel Robert Hur has not started on his work investigating the classified materials found at President Joe Biden's Delaware home and former office in Washington,

D.C. "While my Special Counsel ('PROSECUTOR') is viciously harassing and bullying anyone and everyone in sight," Trump posted on Truth Social while sharing a link for

conservative news site Red State discussing the reports about Hur. "This should not be allowed to continue. We did NOTHING WRONG!" Trump has repeatedly attacked Smith

and suggested the veteran prosecutor should be removed from overseeing the classified materials probe because the special counsel is biased against the former president. In

an appearance on The Mark Levin Show on January 12, Trump accused Smith, who is also heading the criminal investigation into the January 6 attack, of being a "terrorist" while

calling on him to resign due to apparent conflicts of interest. "He is a terrorist. He is a Trump hater. His best friends are [Russia inquiry prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann

and all of these characters, Lisa Monaco at the Justice Department, one of the top officials. This is a disgraceful situation. He should resign," Trump said. "His wife hates

Trump, probably even beyond him. And his wife has a sister who openly hates like a level that you can't even believe."