Ex-NFL star Peyton Hillis discharged from hospital after rescuing kids from drowning

Former NFL player Peyton Hillis has been discharged from a Florida hospital, where he spent weeks in intensive care after saving his children from drowning in a lake, his

girlfriend and sister said on social media. "God is so good!" wrote Angela Cole, Hillis' girlfriend, on Instagram Saturday, captioning a photo that appeared to have been

taken inside a room at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. In it, Cole and Hillis are smiling and surrounded by a medical care team. "Peyton has been discharged from the

hospital," Cole wrote. "The amount of love and gratitude I have for the incredible team that took care of Peyton is indescribable. This picture does not have anywhere near the

amount of people who took such great care of him." He was admitted to the Gulf Coast hospital in early January, after he — along with his sister, Hayley Davis, according to

their uncle, Greg Hillis — rescued his kids from drowning at a beach in the area. As Cole, Davis and Greg Hillis noted in separate social media updates over the last several

weeks, Hillis was receiving treatment in the hospital's intensive care unit and, for a time, using a ventilator. Cole reported that Hillis had been taken off the ventilator

and was "on the road to recovery" in an earlier Instagram post shared on Jan. 11, about one week after the swimming accident. "So proud of this man and so incredibly

grateful for family and this incredible hospital. Peyton is off the ventilator and is on the road to recovery," Cole wrote. "Please continue to pray for he's still got a ways

ahead of him, but thank you for all of your prayers and love and support thus far. It truly makes all the difference. Today was a good day."