Gavin Newsom's wife's films shown in schools contain explicit images, push gender ideology, boost his politics

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, founded The Representation Project nonprofit to fight "sexism through films education, research and

activism." Siebel Newsom writes and directs "gender identity" films produced through her for-profit operation, Girls Club Entertainment, that are then licensed by the nonprofit to

public schools. The films, which include "Miss Representation," "The Mask You Live In," "The Great American Lie" and "Fair Play," are licensed to taxpayer-funded schools

across every state and sometimes contain sexually explicit imagery and push students to feel "shame and sorrow" about American society split by privilege and oppression. They are

paired with curricula that include discussion on Gov. Newsom's comments within the films, urging them to gather their friends and vote for aligned politicians that support a "care

economy" that "embraces universal human values."  "The Representation Project's films and school curricula deserve scrutiny because taxpayers fund schools that license

them," said Open The Books founder Adam Andrzejewski, whose watchdog group discovered the materials and shared them with Fox News Digital. "Newsom's films and curricula are

saturated with images lifted directly from pornographic websites, their URLs visible onscreen," Andrzejewski added. "Minors are exposed to social commentaries about privilege and

oppression, and one commentator says Americans need to 'express shame and sorrow about who we are and what we've done' as a society."  GAVIN NEWSOM'S WIFE'S NONPROFIT