George Santos Wanted To Win Election for Lifetime Healthcare: Ex-Roommate

House Republican George Santos wanted to get elected to Congress so he would get "a pension and healthcare for the rest of my life," according to a man who claimed to be his

ex-housemate. Santos is facing calls to resign after it emerged he fabricated large chunks of his resume, including details about his education, family background, and

employment history. Speaking to CBS News Gregory Morey, who reportedly lived with Santos in New York for several months "back in [the] early 2010s," said: "He never went by

George, he never went by Santos. I knew him as Anthony Devolder from Jackson Heights, Queens. "He was a very interesting person. We hit it off right away. He told me once

'if I can get elected to Congress, for just one term, I will be set with a pension and healthcare for the rest of my life.'" Newsweek has contacted George Santos for

comment. Contrary to what Santos allegedly claimed, members of Congress are not automatically entitled to a pension and healthcare for the rest of their lives. Members

of Congress are only eligible for a pension aged 62 if they served for at least five years, or aged 50 if they completed 20 years in Congress. Those who completed 25 years of

service are eligible for a pension at any age. Santos, who has said his legal name is George Anthony Devolder Santos, previously identified himself as Anthony Devolder at a

number of events, including a "Walk Away LGBT" event held in New York in 2019. During the CBS interview Morey added: "George Santos is whoever you want him to be, at

whatever time you want him to be. I called him Anna Delvey of Queens."