German teens went crazy for this ‘compliments’ app, and now VCs are backing its next phase

The teenage market for apps is a tough nut to crack and stay relevant in. Just ask Snapchat. Equally, teens are going through a stage in life where almost every social

interaction seems to carry portent of some kind of other. This would explain in part why apps like SendIt, NGL, and Nocapp (some are Snapchat connected tools) took off as ways for

teens to anonymously comment on each other. And AskFM would probably like us all to forget the various suicides that occurred when it was released in its initial form, back in the

day. (And you thought Instagram is bad for mental health…). Meanwhile, somehow (somehow!?) a new startup has appeared with the idea that yet another app is going to help

this dumpster fire of social interactions, but let’s hear them out before jumping to conclusions. “Slay” bills itself as a “positive social media network for teenagers”.

The reason we are talking about it today is that it’s grown like a weed after launching last year in Germany, where it reached Number 1 on the German iOS App Store four days after

launch. It’s now claiming to have over 250,000 registered users and claims its gaining traction in other countries including the UK, where it recently launched.