Group that rescues Afghans from Taliban says in lawsuit it was scammed

A U.S. nonprofit that facilitates the rescue of Afghans from Taliban rule claims it was defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars by companies that promised but failed

to relocate nearly 200 people awaiting help in Pakistan, according to a new lawsuit filed in federal court in South Florida. The case underscores the challenging,

unorthodox deals being brokered by private organizations that want to help American allies and their families left behind after the Biden administration’s hastily orchestrated

evacuation of Afghanistan last year. Tens of thousands of Afghans are believed to qualify for a new life in the United States, either because they helped the U.S. government

during the war or are related to someone who did. The U.S. government is processing a long backlog of Afghan visa applicants, many who fled to third countries such as Pakistan and

Albania. Evacuees who fled Afghanistan a year ago, expecting to resettle in the U.S., remain in Albania and in limbo The lawsuit, brought by a group called Save Our

Allies, names three companies and three individuals, including Matthew Nelson, a former Marine Corps officer who briefly served on the nonprofit’s board of directors. The

companies are Ravenswood Group, an advising firm based in Florida; Sama Global Investment, an advising firm in Qatar; and City Gate Trading and Contracting Company, which oversees

housing in Qatar. The other individuals are Gregory Gustin, the chief executive officer at Ravenswood, and Shahzada Khurram, who is listed as holding senior positions at

Ravenswood and Sama Global.