Hakeem Jeffries tells Kevin McCarthy that it's a 'double standard' if 'serial fraudster' George Santos serves on committees but Schiff and Swalwell get kicked off of the intelligence committee

Hakeem Jeffries is arguing that Reps. Schiff and Swalwell should be kept on the intelligence committee. The House Democratic leader sent a letter to Speaker Kevin McCarthy on

Saturday making the case. He pointed out that George Santos has been "welcomed" by the GOP despite being a "serial fraudster." House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has long pledged to

remove Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell of California, who both took part in the impeachment cases made against then-President Donald Trump, from the House Permanent

Select Committee on Intelligence. But in a letter to McCarthy obtained by Insider and first reported by Punchbowl News, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has nominated

the two lawmakers anyway, in part arguing that it would be a "double standard" for Republican Rep. George Santos of New York to serve on committees while denying Schiff and

Swalwell their spots on the Intelligence committee. "At the same time that Republicans have threatened to deny seats on the Intelligence Committee to clearly qualified

Democratic members, serial fraudster George Santos has been placed on two standing committees of the House and welcomed into your conference," wrote Jeffries in the letter, which

was sent to McCarthy on Saturday. "The apparent double standard risks undermining the spirit of bipartisan cooperation that is so desperately needed in Congress." Santos,

who has fabricated whole swaths of his background and faces several ethics inquiries, has reportedly been named to the Committee on Small Business and the Committee on Science,

Space, and Technology.