Half Moon Bay: ‘Gunman’ arrested after 7 killed in second California shooting in days

This is the moment a suspected gunman is arrested in a parking lot after allegedly shooting seven people dead in the second mass shooting in California in three days. The

suspect was identified as 67-year-old Zhao Chunli, accused of shooting farmworkers in front of families and children at two locations in the coastal city of Half Moon Bay, just

south of San Francisco. The killing spree, at a mushroom farm where Chunli is believed to have worked, came just two days after a shooting claimed 11 lives at a popular

dance hall. San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus said some workers at one facility lived on the premises and children may have witnessed the shooting. Corpus said

officials hadn’t determined a motive for the shooting. Half Moon Bay Vice Mayor Joaquin Jimenez said the victims included Chinese and Latino farmworkers. About two

hours after first responding, a sheriff’s deputy noticed the suspect, Zhao, in his car parked outside a sheriff’s substation in a strip mall and arrested him, recognising the car

by its license plate. A video of the arrest showed three officers approaching a parked car with drawn weapons. Zhao got out of the car, and the officers pulled him to the

ground, put him in handcuffs, and led him away. The sheriff’s department believes Zhao acted alone. “We’re still trying to understand exactly what happened and why,

but it’s just incredibly, incredibly tragic,” said state Senator Josh Becker, who represents the area and called it “a very close-knit” agricultural community. “This kind of

shooting is horrific,” Corpus said. “It’s a tragedy we hear about far too often, but today it’s hit home here in San Mateo County.”