How Your Twitter Feed Will Change With The New Algorithm

Some Twitter users may have noticed changes to their feed in recent weeks, and they aren't alone: an error altered the company's "For You" page algorithm and has since been

corrected. Despite the results of a Twitter poll showing that users would prefer the company's CEO to step down, Elon Musk is still running the platform. That means users find out

about changes to their social media site in real-time on Twitter as Musk adds content to his profile. It also means that users have a reliable way to grab the CEO's attention,

providing insight into possible changes to Twitter's algorithm. Neither Twitter nor Elon Musk

publicly commented on changes to the site's "For You" page until Twitter user Elijah Schaffer asked Musk about engagement concerns. "[What] happened to the engagement on this app

this week," Schaffer said in a tweet. "Everyone [is] reporting massive drops all of a sudden." Surprisingly, the Twitter CEO replied that an error found in a "For You" page

algorithm update unintentionally dropped engagement for tweets. Since the problem has been fixed, according to Musk, engagement should be returning to normal levels for Twitter

users. Additionally, their Twitter feed might look a little different. Related: You'll Soon

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