Jay McGuiness helps Siva Kaneswaran with dancing in surprise Dancing On Ice visit

Jay McGuiness has helped his fellow The Wanted bandmate Siva Kaneswaran with his dancing during the show Dancing On Ice. McGuiness, who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2015,

taught Kaneswaran some dance moves before the Irish pop star took to the ice for the first time on celebrity show on Sunday. In the rehearsal video before the performances,

McGuiness, 32, said during the programme: “I don’t think on stage (Siva) was known for his dancing. I think the boys got rhythm, but he needs a rehearsal.” During his

performance, Kaneswaran, 34, and his professional partner Klabera Komini were given thumbs up for their technical skating moves like the twizzle and the hoover and scored a total

of 24 points from the judges. Diversity dance troupe founder Ashley Banjo said: “For someone who doesn’t classify themselves as a natural dancer, your natural hold and

positioning and presentation is just really graceful, It’s really aesthetically pleasing to watch. “So now you just need to break out of that shell a little bit (and) build

the confidence.” Olympian skater Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean both praised the “technicality” of Kaneswaran’s performance. Before the show aired, Kaneswaran

revealed he was “scared” after hitting his head while practising. The 34-year-old said: “I banged the back of my head. I’ve got a mild concussion as we speak so I’m seeing

double a bit.” Kaneswaran said his doctor had advised him to “not look at bright lights” and “avoid screens” for a while. “I literally felt the back of my head,

thinking, I’m like, I’m broken, but then once the medics came over and checked on me, they said ‘You’re all good, it was a minor bump’.