Jeffrey Zients Replacing Ron Klain as Biden’s Chief of Staff

Former Biden administration COVID coordinator Jeffrey Zients will replace Ron Klain as White House chief of staff, according to multiple reports out Sunday. Klain is expected

to step down in the coming weeks, the New York Times reported Saturday. The transition will mark the first and likely most significant change among Joe Biden’s senior staff since

the president took office just over two years ago. Zients departed the White House in April after steering the administration’s COVID response, then came back in the fall to

work with Klain on staff issues. The Washington Post reports that “in recent weeks, Klain has assigned him different projects, which some viewed as preparing Zients for the top

role.” It also sounds as if that top role will come with a little less responsibility as the Biden team begins to shift into reelection-campaign mode, according to

insiders. The Times reported Saturday that “Mr. Klain takes pride that he has lasted longer than any other Democratic president’s first chief of staff in more than half a

century.” The Biden White House has also seen none of the tumultuous turnover that Donald Trump’s cabinet underwent by the midpoint of his presidency — including the ouster of two

chiefs of staff. Klain, 61, is seen as a critical force behind the Biden administration’s legislative victories and several other major initiatives, including its pandemic

response. The longtime Biden aide has also been, by far, the White House’s most prolific (and conspicuous) Twitter user. Zients, 56, doesn’t tweet — like at all.