Julian Sands – latest news: Missing actor’s family cling to hope as phone pings reveal new details

Phone data from missing actor Julian Sands has revealed his last known movements, as his family cling to hope one week after he was reported missing. Police revealed on

Friday that the British actor, best known for films such as A Room With a View and Arachnophobia, was on the move two days after he was reported missing in the California

mountains. Phone pings attempted since have failed, police said, likely due to the actor’s phone running out of battery. It comes after The Independent revealed images

sent from Sands to his grandson Billy in September, which show the father-of-three mountaineering. Sands has been missing in the Mount Baldy area since 13 January, the San

Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said. He was thought to have been somewhere on the popular Baldy Bowl Trail, which climbs 3,900 feet over 4.5 miles to the highest summit in

the San Gabriel Mountains. Search and rescue crews looking for Sands were initially forced to suspend the search over the weekend because of an avalanche threat. Snow and

fog has continued to hinder the search in the days since. The Independent understands that Sands’ son Henry has joined the search. He is retracing the route his father

took, with the assistance of an experienced climber.