Kyle Richards Wears a Scary-Looking Mask to Undergo an Electric Facial

Kyle Richards knows the importance of good skincare. On Thursday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 54, gave her 4 million Instagram followers

a glimpse of her face care routine by sharing a video of herself lying down on a massage table while awaiting a facial. "Prepping for all the things at @carinas_skin_care,"

she shared alongside the video showing her entire face covered with bandages and an electric mask. According to the salon's website, the electric treatment tightens the

face and neck muscles by inducing vitamins and minerals into the inner level of the skin, helping to stimulate the formation of collage while minimizing pores and acne marks. The

$195 treatment includes micro-dermabrasion and extractions, which assist in the tightening of the skin. RELATED: Kyle Richards Denies Using Ozempic for Weight Loss: 'I'm

Honest About What I Do' Following the procedure, she added a clip to her Instagram Story of her make-up-free skin as she smiled next to the beauty salon's owner, Carina

Tanijian, who she revealed has been helping her with her beauty regimen for 15 years. "The beautiful Kyle," said Tanijian as Richards raved about the procedure, adding on

the video's text, "You really are the BEST Carina." Richards has been an active participant in the electric facial routine, often joking about the "scary look" of it with

her social media followers. In 2015, weeks before Halloween, she shared a fun video clip on her Instagram page where she joked, "It's almost Halloween 😱 are you

ready? #facialtime#October🎃," as she awaited the procedure.