Labour says Sunak should not need ethics adviser to tell him Zahawi should be sacked as PM orders tax claims investigation – live

LIVE – Updated at 14:44 Latest updates: PM says ‘questions need answering’ amid revelations Zahawi paid penalty to settle tax dispute while in cabinet.

Johnson accuses BBC of 'disappearing up its own fundament' as he dismisses chairman appointment controversy as 'nonsense' 14:44 Boris Johnson has dismissed

claims that there was anything improper in his appointment of Richard Sharp as BBC chairman as “absolute nonsense”. Doorstepped by reporters this morning, and asked if he

would welcome an inquiry into the claims that Sharp should have declared that he was helping Johnson obtain a loan guarantee shortly before he was appointed by Johnson to be

chairman of the BBC, Johnson said: This is a load of complete nonsense, absolute nonsense. Let me just tell you – Richard Sharp is a good and a wise man.

But he knows absolutely nothing about my personal finances, I can tell you that for 100% ding-dang sure. This is just another example of the BBC disappearing up its own

fundament. Johnson did not answer any further questions. His comment does not address the issue at the heart of the story. The question is not whether or

not Sharp knew the details of Johnson’s personal finances; the claim is that his involvement in helping Johnson obtain a loan guarantee could be seen as creating a conflict of

interest that was not declared at the time the appointment was approved.