Lee Anderson challenges Steve Bray to a boxing match

A Red Wall Conservative MP has challenged a prominent anti-Brexit campaigner who spends his time heckling Tories in Westminster to a boxing match to settle their

differences. The verbal exchanges between Tory MP Lee Anderson and top-hatted protester Steve Bray regularly go viral when they are posted on social media. Their most

recent altercation last week - when Mr Anderson confiscated Mr Bray’s top hat and the pair exchanged insults - has been viewed over one million times on Twitter. Now Mr

Anderson is offering to fight Mr Bray in the ring. If the MP wins, Mr Bray will have to put away his megaphone; but if he loses, Mr Anderson said he will join Mr Bray’s

protest. “He had a go at my weight. This is a man who was quite clearly out of condition. I’m trying to do something about it, but here is a challenge,” Mr Anderson told

this week’s Chopper’s Politics podcast. “He is a nuisance. And I’ve got a challenge for him: Meet me in the boxing ring. Let’s do three rounds. And if I win, he never

protests out there again. And if he wins, I’ll go and protest with him.” Mr Anderson said that any funds raised from the bout would go towards a suicide charity for young

men. “It is a boxing match, Queensbury rules. Gloves on, for charity. Let’s do some fundraising,” he said. Mr Bray first became known around Westminster for shouting “Stop

Brexit” through an outsized megaphone at the Palace of Westminster after the 2016 referendum. He has latterly taken to using a sound system to play protest songs and insult