Letters: Praise for a King who has lifted the nation’s spirits while grieving the loss of his mother

SIR – I am so impressed by our new King and the Prince of Wales, who on Saturday went on a walkabout to speak to the people queuing up on the South Bank to pay their respects

to Queen Elizabeth II. I am sure I write on behalf of many when I say how moved I have been by the generosity of members of the Royal family in taking so much time to meet

the public while they have been grieving themselves. King Charles, in particular, has hardly had time to draw breath in his travels across the country. Amanda

Malas Hartley, Kent SIR – It is hard to imagine a tougher act to follow than Queen Elizabeth, but our new King has made a very impressive start. Bruce

Chalmers Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex SIR – In recent days we have seen spontaneous demonstrations of love and affection for our late Queen, on an unprecedented

scale. We have also been privileged to witness matchless pageantry and meticulous planning for an event of epic proportions. The organisers, as well as the participants,

deserve our warmest praise. But the nation as a whole should also congratulate itself on demonstrating to the world its gratitude to Queen Elizabeth for dedicating her whole life

to serving her country. Air Cdre Michael Allisstone (retd) Chichester, West Sussex SIR – Queen Elizabeth, first as princess then as sovereign, gave this country

96 years of service. She asked for little in return from her subjects. The least I could give her was 10 hours of shivering and eating Tracker bars, as I queued to bid her

farewell throughout Thursday night and Friday morning.