Max Q: Things are tough out there

Hello and welcome back to Max Q! I hate writing intros, so let’s get to it, shall we? In this issue: A startup tackling the “unsexy” parts-ordering workflows Space

tech predictions from Seraphim Space News from Varda, ClearSpace and more Stell wants to modernize the “unsexy” workflows slowing down America’s industrial base There is very

little room for error in aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing. For companies that build products like missiles, rocket boosters and avionics, each part must not deviate

more than a hairsbreadth from its technical specifications. Despite the precise demands of the industry, however, parts ordering is generally done using systems that are

only slightly better than carrier pigeon. To solve this problem, Malory McLemore and Anne Wen founded Stell, a startup that’s building a platform to bring new workflows to

parts ordering. The company is hoping that its platform can reduce errors and improve efficiency — two variables that will be key to shoring up America’s industrial base.

Stell founders Malory McLemore and Anne Wen. Image Credits: Stell 7 space tech predictions for 2023 From Seraphim Space CEO Mark Boggett, seven predictions on

what the space industry has in store this year. First on the list: cell phone connectivity from space.