Monterey Park shooting: police surround van that may be linked to suspect who killed 10 – latest updates

LIVE – Updated at 21:04 Police vehicles box in white van amid reports that ‘authorities believe it is possible’ the Monterey Park suspect is inside.

  21:04 Swat team entering van in Torrance There’s a major law enforcement presence surrounding a van in Torrance, California, a city about a 40-minute

drive from Monterey Park, where a shooter killed 10 people last night at a ballroom dance studio. Swat team members are currently opening the door of the van, ABC7 News

is reporting. Another local reporter on the scene previously confirmed there was a bullet hole on the driver’s side window of the van. Sheriff Robert Luna said a few

minutes ago that law enforcement had not yet confirmed if the shooting suspect is inside the van.   20:49 Updates on the Monterey Park shooting: photo of

suspect but no motive or name There are still more questions than answers about the shooting in Monterey Park last night that left ten people dead, and reporters pressed

sheriff Robert Luna during a press confernce just after noon local time about the lack of additional new information. Law enforcement officials have the name of the

shooter but are “withholding the name,” in order to help them apprehend the suspect more rapidly, Luna said. They have released an image of the shooter so the public can provide

any information about his whereabouts, Luna said. Law enforcement does not yet know the motive for the shooting, Luna confirmed, and it’s not yet clear if any

additional suspects were involved. “We’re looking at every angle, whether it’s domestic violence, the question was asked earlier about a hate crime,” Luna said.