More Than 18,000 Civilian Casualties in 11 Months of Ukraine War: UN Report

Nearly 18,500 civilians have died or been injured in Ukraine over the course of Russia's war, according to a Monday report released by the United Nations (U.N.) Office of the

High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Tuesday will mark 11 months since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which launched February 24. Over the course of nearly one year,

the OHCHR has consistently shared updates on the Ukrainian civilian casualties. On Monday, the U.N. office said it had received reports of 7,068 civilian deaths and 11,415

civilian injuries since the invasion. The total number of recorded deaths includes 438 children, who also account for at least 838 of the injured civilians. Most casualties

were linked to the use of explosive weapons, the report said. While fighting for control over many territories in Ukraine continues, the U.N. office said, it is likely the

civilian casualty totals are "considerably higher" than those reported, due to delays in communication. The number of Russian and Ukrainian troops casualties has not been

reported as consistently. In early November, U.S. defense officials estimated that both countries had lost about 100,000 troops apiece in total, according to The New York Times.

Ukraine's latest tally, which Russia has not confirmed, placed the number of killed Russian troops at nearly 117,000. As the war marches toward its one-year mark, NATO

leaders have said Russia appears to be planning for a drawn-out conflict, a shift from Russian President Vladimir Putin's reported expectation that the war would end