Murdaugh Family Murder Trial Is Already a ‘Bloody’ Fight

As the long-awaited double homicide trial against former South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh began on Monday, his defense lawyers were making one final plea to the judge: Don’t

let the prosecution talk about “blood spatter” in this case. The defense motion, filed just before the 54-year-old disgraced attorney entered the Colleton County courthouse

for the first day of jury selection, seeks to bar Orangeburg County Chief Deputy Kenneth Lee Kinsey from discussing “blood spatter on a white T-shirt Murdaugh wore the night his

wife and son were murdered” in June 2021. Murdaugh’s team argues that Kinsey should not be allowed to testify because he admitted in his report that he could not render an

opinion on whether there was blood spatter on the shirt after the garment was allegedly ruined by forensic tests. The motion was filed days after another defense request—to

prohibit testimony from Tom Bevel, a former Oklahoma police officer who operates a self-described forensic education company and concluded that “100+ stains are consistent with

spatter on the front of the T-shirt.” Murdaugh’s team was scathing in its criticism, arguing that Bevel’s opinion of Murdaugh’s shirt is based on an “at-home ‘science fair’

experiment” conducted in his “garage or kitchen or wherever.” That Murdaugh’s lawyers are seeking to exclude testimony from two experts slated to speak about what seems to

be one of the prosecution’s most important pieces of physical evidence is not surprising—especially since several legal experts told The Daily Beast that blood spatter analysis is

seen by many as a subjective science.