My Top Beaten-Down Stock to Buy and Hold Forever

The most successful investors don't enter the market looking to make a quick buck. That's the fastest way to lose your nest egg. You need a longer time horizon to reap the full

value of your investment, with three to five years being the minimum and decades of ownership being optimal. As Warren Buffett has said, "The best time to sell is never."

While not even the Oracle of Omaha himself follows that rule to the letter, the idea is that you should only buy companies you're willing to become wedded to. JPMorgan Chase

recently found that over the past 20 years through 2021, the stock market went up an average of 9.5% a year, but if you missed the 10 best days in the market, your returns would

be cut nearly in half, to 5.3% a year. Now that the stock market has tumbled, investors should be using this opportunity to find excellent but beaten-down companies to buy

and hold for the next two decades. The following stock is one you'll want to own forever. Nailing down the opportunity Few companies have as long a continuous operating

history as Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), which has been in business for 180 years. More remarkably, it has paid a dividend to investors for more than 140 of those years

while increasing the payout for 55 consecutive years, making it a Dividend King. That history alone makes it worthy of an investor's attention. Stanley has been through

numerous market cycles before. It has weathered depressions and recessions, world wars and pandemics, and has come out the other side in fine condition.