Nasdaq Bear Market: 1 Incredible Growth Stock Down 82% to Buy Like There's No Tomorrow

Over the past year, investor sentiment has been beaten down by macroeconomic headwinds. While each of the major stock indexes suffered from the downturn, the Nasdaq Composite

alone remains mired in bear market territory, down 31% from its late-2021 peak. A great many individual stocks have fallen even further. Yet even as the economic clouds

linger, there's a silver lining for investors. Some of the most beaten-down stocks still represent compelling opportunities, not only because of their significant business

prospects but also because of their historically low valuations. One particularly intriguing bear market bargain staring investors right in the face is e-signature

specialist DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU). In just over three years, the stock had soared over 700% before the bottom dropped out. Docusign has since been pounded by tough comps and the

prevailing headwinds. Focusing too closely on the present circumstances, however, can obscure the big picture. Those who step back will see they should be buying this stock like

there's no tomorrow. Sign on the (electronic) dotted line Even before its heady, remote work-fueled growth, DocuSign was already a rising star. Not every situation lends

itself to an in-person signature, which previously required sending documents overnight to be ratified -- and returned. An electronic signature -- or e-signature --  represents a

much more convenient and cost-effective way to do business, and DocuSign is the undisputed leader. While estimates vary, the company controls a dominant 75% share of the market,

according to data compiled by Deloitte.