Naveen Andrews Comedy Series ‘The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh’ Ordered at Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee has given a straight-to-series order to “The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh,” an eight-episode series inspired by the life of showrunner Vijal Patel.

Naveen Andrews stars in the ensemble comedy as patriarch Mahesh Pradeep. “The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh” follows the Pradeep family and the humorous events of their first

few months after moving to America from India. As told through often conflicting flashbacks from an interrogation room, the Pradeeps quickly find themselves embroiled —

romantically, personally, and professionally — with a polar-opposite neighborhood family.More from VarietySofia Helin, Shelley Conn, Kevin McNally, Jason Wong Join Season 3

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Lorena Russi (EXCLUSIVE) Andrews’ Mahesh is described as a brilliant engineer who uprooted his family to America for a business opportunity. Sindhu Vee plays

Sudha Pradeep, the intelligent and self-assured matriarch whose brewing feud with her neighbors is about to test her in new ways. Sahana Srinivasan plays Bhanu

Pradeep, a rebellious teen trying to get out from under her mother’s thumb. Unfortunately, her rebellion gets her mixed up with the one person her mother can’t abide: the

neighbor’s son. Arjun Sriram plays Kamal Pradeep, an epic mama’s boy who loves following rules and believes narcs are just heroes who tell the