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LIVE – Updated at 13:01 Latest updates: Downing Street said police had not been in touch and PM was ‘not going to get ahead of any process’. Blow

to levelling up as poll says there's almost nowhere in Britain where people generally think local area getting better 13:01 Good morning. “Are you better off than you

were four years ago?” That is one of the most powerful questions in electoral politics, made famous when Ronald Reagan asked it in 1980 and now increasingly being used by the

Labour party. It was also, in part, the inspiration behind Boris Johnson’s levelling up campaign. When Johnson won his surprise near-landslide election in 2019, taking seats in

deprived areas that had voted Labour for decades, the Tories admitted that if they were going to hold these constituencies, then by the time of the next elections voters would

have to be feeling that jobs were picking up, the high street was smarter, the place was getting better. But they don’t. Last night YouGov published devastating polling

for the government showing that levelling up has failed to make people feel their community is getting better and that there is almost nowhere where voters think their local area

is improving. Polls showing people unhappy about the state of the country come out almost daily nowadays. But this one is different because it involves data from more

than 100,000 people between August and October last year, and it uses multilevel regression and post-stratification (MRP – a data analytical technique) to produce results on a

local authority-by-local authority basis. Here are the key findings.