North Korea says flu not COVID-19 diagnosed in in locked-down province

The isolated nation said cases in Ryanggang province, which borders China, were influenza and nothing more. Officially there are no longer any coronavirus cases in North

Korea.North Korea told patients with an unknown fever on Friday they had flu, not coronavirus as initially feared. This claim comes just a day after authorities locked down

the area in Ryanggang Province near China and deployed medical teams. "It was revealed that all of the fever patients in the Ryanggang Province were patients with the flu,"

the state news agency KCNA stated on Friday. KCNA said diagnostic tests of samples, the nature of the symptoms, and information gained from contract tracing led health

workers to conclude that the fevers were caused by influenza. Although lifting the lockdown, they urged residents to continue wearing masks and report any fever

symptoms. Kim proclaimed coronavirus defeated North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un declared a "shining victory" over coronavirus in early August, just three months after

the country announced its first COVID-19 outbreak. The country has never confirmed how many people caught coronavirus because it lacks the means to conduct widespread

testing. Instead, it reported daily numbers of patients with fever, a tally that state media claimed rose to some 4.77 million. Kim hailed the "miracle" of just 74

virus deaths. But experts cautioned the unverifiable figures seemed abnormally small for a country with such limited public health tools. Since then, the country insisted

it had no new cases.