Northern England grinds to a halt after heavy snow overnight

Heavy snow has blanketed parts of northern England with a flurry of travel delays this morning. People up and down the country have woken up to a return of

wintery weather, after temperatures dropped as low as -7.1C yesterday.  Crashes on major roads and ungritted local roads have led to a build-up of traffic in some

areas. Vehicles on the M55 eastbound, between junction 4 and junction 3, has been stopped due to two collisions. Traffic has been stopped by Lancashire Police

since around 8.05am.  ‘Delays are building’, National Highways North-West warned on Twitter. Meanwhile, the runways at Manchester Airport have been closed due

to heavy snow. The airport said ‘operations will resume at the earliest opportunity’ and urged passengers to ‘contact their airline for the most up-to-date flight