Oro, an open-source B2B ecommerce platform from Magento’s cofounder, raises $13M

Oro, an open source ecommerce platform co-created by Magento’s cofounder and former CTO, today announced it has raised $13 million in a strategic growth round of funding.

Founded in 2012, Los Angeles-based Oro’s platform constitutes a range of applications, including OroCommerce, its flagship B2B ecommerce platform for building storefronts and

marketplaces; OroMarketplace, an end-to-end management platform specifically for marketplace businesses; a customer relationship management platform (CRM) called OroCRM; and

OroPlatform, a rapid web app development platform. While similar players in the space such as Shopify and Magento largely (though not exclusively) focus on B2C brands, Oro

targets its ecommerce infrastructure squarely at B2B companies such as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers. This, according to Oro CEO and cofounder Yoav

Kutner, is more complex to execute than B2C. “B2B ecommerce has a very different dynamic to B2C commerce — instead of high-volume transactional purchases with a rotating

cast of consumers, B2B brands focus on high-value deals with a smaller group of loyal customers,” Kutner told TechCrunch. “As such, B2B digital commerce solutions need to be able

to accommodate the complex needs of business buyers, with large orders, split shipments, customized quotes, and many other capabilities, while also supporting rich ongoing

customer engagement and personalized offerings.” Oro platform example Image Credits: Oro But on top of all that, B2B buyers now expect the kind of usability

they have become accustomed to with B2C platforms they may use elsewhere in their everyday lives, which means that B2B merchants have had to up their game.