Parents file lawsuit after 3-year-old killed while riding in bike lane

The grieving parents of a 3-year-old girl, who was killed while riding in a Chicago bike lane last year, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit over what they claim were unsafe

and illegal road conditions that led to the tragic incident. Tim Shambrook and Kate Snow were riding their bikes in a designated bike lane to take their daughter,

Elizabeth Grace "Lily" Shambrook, to her summer day camp the morning of June 9, 2022, when the deadly incident occurred, according to the law firm representing the family.

A Commonwealth Edison Company utility truck was "illegally parked" in the bike lane at a stop sign, forcing Snow -- who was traveling ahead of her husband with Lily in a child

seat carrier -- to move into the traffic lane between the ComEd truck and a semi-tractor-trailer truck that had stopped at or near the stop sign, according to the lawsuit.

The semi-tractor-trailer allegedly knocked Snow's bike to the ground and Lily was run over by the rear tires as the driver pulled away from the stop sign, causing "severe

personal injuries and her death," according to the lawsuit. "Multiple factors converged to make this an unsafe location and intersection on the day this happened,"

Richard Burke, a partner of Clifford Law Offices, which is representing the family, told ABC News. "That starts with the fact that Kate Snow -- Lily's mom -- was riding in a

designated bike lane on what is primarily a residential neighborhood." The bike lane was intended for cyclists to travel "with ease and presumably with safety, and so

they were doing exactly what they were entitled to be doing on the street," Burke added.