PM Modi lauds idea of providing Supreme Court verdicts in regional languages

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the suggestion made by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud to provide translated copies of Supreme Court orders in Indian

languages was a laudatory idea as it will help the common people, particularly youngsters, understand them better. “At a recent function, the chief justice spoke of the need

to work towards making Supreme Court judgments available in regional languages. He also suggested the use of technology for it. This is a laudatory thought, which will help many

people, particularly youngsters,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter. He also shared the clip of the CJI’s speech delivered at an event organised by the Bar Council of

Maharashtra and Goa in Mumbai. “India has several languages, which add to our cultural vibrancy. The central government is undertaking numerous efforts to encourage Indian

languages, including giving the option of studying subjects like engineering and medicine in one’s Matru Bhasha,” the Prime Minister further said. CJI Chandrachud had

recently announced that the next step of the Supreme Court’s mission is to provide translated copies of Supreme Court judgments in every Indian language. “Unless we reach out to

our citizens in a language that they can understand, the work we are doing isn’t reaching out to 99% of people,” he said. Last year, Union home minister Amit Shah had

announced that work is underway to start technical and medical education in regional languages in the country.